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Welcome to the ENACT ENERCLOUDTM, world’s most comprehensive solar software for project management. With ENACT’s design, workflow management, financing, documentation and analytics capabilities; you do not need anything else to manage end-to-end implementation of your solar projects. Make the ENACT advantage work for your solar projects.
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accuracy advantage

Each solar project is unique. Your energy usage patterns are very different from anyone else. Depending on the prevailing energy rates at your location, ENACT systems helps you optimize your design choices, map your usage and chart out the most accurate proposals - showcasing the savings potential estimates - within minutes. And then manage the execution of such designs using powerful project management tools to ensure completion.
Find out how Enact helped Everest Industries create accurate proposals leveraging just locational data and building designs.
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Operational Efficiency advantage

If you are a large solar organization,  you might have multiple teams in charge of various aspects of the solar project. You might also have regional offices that operate differently. With Enact's solar platform you can standardize and track your operations effectively across these teams. You can handover projects from one team to another and set up email notifications on milestone completions. All this, so that you can track each and every aspect of a project without any break in the business continuity and get more out of your team.
Find out how Enact helped GreenEnergy improve workflow efficiency, reducing cost and helping scale new solar division quickly
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Speed advantage

When it comes to solar projects, time is of the essence. If you are a corporation, an early implementation means early gains in savings. If you are a solar solution provider, it means implementing more and more projects leading to a healthy revenue stream. ENACT provides a web-based interface that is very easy to learn even for solar newcomers so you can build your team fast. Our solar proposal software is flexible, and you can set up standard templates for cost, proposal, contract and workflow. You project will move very quickly leading to more projects in less time.
Find out how Enact improved the sales team's efficiency for Apex Solar. by providing simple tools to quickly generate solar designs and proposals
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Savings advantage

Measuring the impact of your solar design software is extremely critical. Your management or your customers would want to know the actual ROI that the solar installation is bringing in. There is no need to fret. With ENACT’s Portfolio Management interface, you can measure the savings on your projects - in real time! No need to spend time generating & analyzing cumbersome reports. All the analytical power is now on the tip of your finger.
Find out how Sharaf DG is using Enact’s Platform to deliver measurable savings.
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