May 28, 2018


Everest offers a wide range of roofing products for residential, commercial and industrial needs. One of India’s fastest growing building solutions companies, Everest distributes its products to 100,000 villages and 600 cities in India through 6,000 outlets, 38 sales depots and 14 offices, with a presence for over 80 years. Its new Pre-Engineered Buildings Division, launched in 2008, has executed over 2,000 building projects already. Everest has launched a new division in 2017, to offer rooftop solar to its roofing and building customers.


ENACT’s software platform is being implemented by Everest, in a phased manner, in order to automates sales proposals, design, financing, installation and asset management for commercial solar projects. The primary goal is to improve workflow efficiency, reducing cost and helping scale its new solar division quickly.

The entire EVEREST Solar business process has over 20 discrete steps that requires hundreds of hours of human activity, with a lot of co-ordination. ENACT has started with the very first step of being able to create accurate solar proposals leveraging locational data and building drawings available to the Everest team internally.

“We are expanding our commercial solar program in India rapidly. We have partnered with ENACT to reduce our solar origination and transaction costs, and excited about our future partnership in the India market”.

Manish Sanghi
Managing Director
Everest Industries.

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