What Enact can do for you

Our award-winning digital platform helps every step of the way

Design using Satellite Images

Evaluate Hundreds of Solar and Storage Options

Manage your Outcome

Design Using Satellite Images

Design your system with us. Our experienced energy advisors leverage our software platform powered by satellite-imagery to design your system live on a Zoom call, and identify the best option for your home.

Hundreds of Choices in One Place

Select your equipment and finance options live from hundreds of choices. Finalize your installation contract with our top local partner in your area.

Manage your System and Ongoing Maintenance Needs

Track your entire ownership journey: installation schedule and approvals, tracking live bill savings from your system and ongoing maintenance needs.

How It Works

Our Workflow

Changing the way you buy solar;
Making the entire journey more easy and transparent.

Share your info

Share your location and electric billing
information, so we can start tailoring a plan for you.

Envision your installation via 3D satellite imaging

Choose the right solar system design to maximize your outcome.

Choose the panels that are right for you

Multiple options for you to choose from.

Multiple finance options

We have multiple financing options to cater to every family.

Control your installation process

Track your entire journey live on ENACT, every step of the way.

Track your savings and system performance

Compare results with your neighbors.

The Enact Advantage

Design Custom Design of your home using your energy data to meet your consumptions and charging needs. Fixed sizes or pre-designed templates with limited flexibility
Equipment Options Open to all brands (hundreds of options) Limited availability
Financing Options Open to all options from multiple providers (loans/lease/etc) Limited options
Price Transparent on equipment vs labor vs other costs Lump-sum total cost, including hidden fees
Promise Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal. None

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  • 5,41,411Trees saved
    Trees saved
  • 5,31,92,790kWh generated
    Total kWh generated
  • 8,19,16,895CO2 offset (lbs)
    CO2 offset
  • 14561kW monitored
    Total monitored
*Metrics are accurate as of January 1st 2023

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