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Published On : November 2, 2013
November 2, 2013 — Dublin CA — ENACT SYSTEMS has launched its energy-services software marketplace that allows consumers to view their energy consumption, manage energy vendors and track their energy savings. In the past, few consumers took advantage of clean energy savings because technologies like solar were believed to be too expensive and researching options was overwhelming and time-consuming. That has changed.

Today, California consumers can take measures to reduce their consumption, save money on their energy bills, and track the impact of clean energy upgrades on a daily – even hourly – basis. In one easy, free and convenient marketplace, enACT’s software allows customers to evaluate, select, and track a broad range of customizable clean energy options – starting with solar generation.

“Clean energy like solar is now a viable option for consumers, so they can reduce their energy bills with very little risk. At enACT, we felt the strong need for consumers to have their own platform. Our site makes it easy for customers to learn more about their options from local vendors, and to create their personal plans using their own actual energy consumption and home data,” says Deep Chakraborty, ENACT SYSTEMS’S CEO.

enACT is a software platform that has affiliate marketing partnerships with a range of consumer services companies in the clean energy space, including heating and ventilation companies, roofing contractors, realtors, homebuilders and home insurance companies. By allowing established home-services providers to reach consumers directly, enACT enables partners to broaden their reach significantly without significant acquisition cost. That makes clean energy more affordable for more people – a change that is great for consumers, providers, and the environment.

“Our platform meets the highest security standards. It integrates with the utility smart meter data formats (in California first), and also has secure APIs to databases on real estate, energy utility rates, solar production and weather data. Because enACT is an independent source of clean energy information, our software enables consumers to make better decisions about where to invest in energy upgrades.”

“Our job is to bring the latest information on energy savings to customers, and to help them understand the savings available to them – starting with free and customized home energy plans,” says Deep Chakraborty. “enACT will not replace the service provider’s selling relationship with the consumer; however, its platform aims to improve the efficiency of the marketplace for both providers and consumers.”

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