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ENACT Platform Upgrades Solar Design Capabilities

Published On : 03/10/2021
Pleasanton, CA. The ENACT Platform team showcased new capabilities on its live webinar today, that improve the detailed solar project design and rapid solar proposal design capabilities for its software platform users.

Solar Project Design

One of the primary new features launched is the integrated use of high-resolution satellite imagery leveraging NearMap, a provider that captures the 700 major urban areas in the United States and Canada multiple times per year, covering 70% of the population. An example below shows the same location in Northern California, using NearMap vs Google images. ENACT Platform Upgrades Solar Design Capabilities ENACT Platform Upgrades Solar Design Capabilities While access to NearMap images comes at a one-time additional price premium when compared to standard Google images that are available to all users through the standard license fees, the additional visual clarity is evident from the examples above. On several sites, we have noticed that NearMap virtually eliminates the need for a preliminary site visit, especially for small commercial properties where the access to rooftops is limited and time-consuming.

The use of high-resolution images also improves customer engagement on live webinar calls with residential customers, as the additional clarity on detailed design elements is significant.

Accurate solar project design during the proposal process leads to improved installation timelines and reduced cost, due to fewer change orders. We have seen several delays in permitting for US residential projects lately, and every effort to streamline the accuracy of proposals upfront is a win-win for both customers and installers.