Enact Systems Expands Digital Platform for Solar and Storage Asset Management

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Enact Systems Expands Digital Platform for Solar and Storage Asset Management

Published On : 10/18/2020
ENACT SYSTEMS expands Digital Platform for Solar and Storage Asset Management Pleasanton, CA, October 15, 2020: ENACT SYSTEMS, the leading global software platform to deploy and manage renewable energy projects announced new capabilities with the ENACT ENGAGE offering for Asset management of Storage and Solar projects.


Leveraging cloud integrations with solar and storage hardware and monitoring devices. Consequently, ENACT ENGAGE tracks real-time bill savings for residential and commercial customers, as well as the variance of actual savings versus projections. In addition, ENACT ENGAGE centralizes data access to data for disparate project assets, enabling powerful predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities. machine learning capabilities. ENGAGE also allows fleet owners and storage OEMs a centralized platform for customer support, asset operations, warranty performance and aggregate reporting. aggregated reporting.
Then, “As ownership of distributed solar and storage expands globally, end-customers and asset owners are seeking real-time financial transparency on their investments”, said Deep Chakraborty, CEO of ENACT SYSTEMS. “As basic as this may seem, this is still an unsolved problem. As a result, ENACT’s end-to-end Cloud platform offers the single, independent ‘source of truth’ that’s easy to use for all stakeholders – customers, asset owners, OEMs and developers”, Deep added.
On the other hand, ENACT SYSTEMS will be hosting a webinar on October 28, 2020 (10am Pacific time) to showcase its ENACT ENGAGE capabilities (Click here for the webinar sign up link). Nevertheless, ENACT’s core digital platform module – ENACT ENVISION – has been used for solar project design and execution by thousands of users across North America, the Middle East and South Asia, also in nine country markets, with over $1 billion of solar projects processed annually. ENACT’s Cloud software platform captures data centrally for the entire life-cycle of the project, significantly reducing transaction costs and lifecycle ownership costs, while improving transparency on deal investments. About ENACT SYSTEMS INC.


  In addition, ENACT SYSTEMS provides a powerful digital business platform for the management of of renewable energy projects due to design, financing, installation management and asset management in a single cloud platform. in a single cloud-based platform. Simultaneously, ENACT licenses its platform to project developers, installers and financiers in multiple countries. and financiers in multiple countries. In the same way, ENACT's customers are also large companies in the retail, hospitality, logistics and logistics segments. retail, hospitality, logistics and industrial segments looking to deploy renewable energy throughout their across their entire portfolio. Finally, ENACT SYSTEMS is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in India and UAE (www.enact-systems.com)