Published On: 07/27/2022

ENACT SYSTEMS WORKFLOW Solar Management – Best Practices

The ENACT SYSTEMS team put together some examples of best practices for defining workflows for their clients. This can be helpful as teams think about workflow setup options.

1. Sample workflow – Residential process (tracking top execution steps, solar sales on CRM)

Teams handling solar residential projects often required simple processes with a few steps that can be tracked easily and repeatedly, often done on the ‘field’ by remote personal. Also as sales people might have a consumer-centric CRM system like Zoho or Salesforce, only the execution-focused steps are tracked on ENACT’s workflow. A simple example is below:


2. Sample workflow – Simple Commercial Process (tracking BOTH sales and execution)

Teams handling small solar commercial projects often require several steps that can be tracked, often done on the ‘field’ by remote personal. While sales processes are slow, customer visits and analysis needs to be tracked well to ensure steady reporting and roll-ups. Example below:


3. Sample workflow – Complex Commercial Process (tracking BOTH Sales and execution)

Teams handling larger solar commercial projects often require several steps for BOTH sales and execution that needs to be tracked. Large projects can fail due to mistakes at various points and teams that specialize in few things, can help improve the outcome. This does cause ‘bottlenecks’ in the process and therefore the workflow needs tasks assigned to specialists to improve transparency. An example is below of one such live example.


Customer Success Team

For questions linked to the right workflow for your business, please feel free to reach out to

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