Published On: 07/17/2020

ENACT’s Solar Cloud Platform Introduces Solar Plus Storage

Solar Storage
Join us for this exciting webinar on July 28, 2020, as we launch significantly enhanced capabilities to bring Energy Storage to our Solar Proposal and Project Management platform!
We have incorporated new Energy Storage capabilities and these are now available for our Solar Installers to build robust Solar + Storage Proposals that will help you sell systems! And also manage complex workflows for Permitting and Incentives for such projects.
Highlights include
–  Energy Load and Usage Analysis for Solar plus Storage  
–  More flexibility on simulating daily or seasonal load usage patterns for all projects
–  The pairing of Storage and Solar hybrid assets to simulate savings and cash flows
–  Consolidated pricing, financing, and local incentive options
–  Best practice workflows for Project Management
BONUS: Join us for this webinar and receive a complimentary Storage Add On to your existing Enact Systems subscription through August 31, 2020!
Published on : 16/09/2020

Webinar: Commercial Solar Projects With Mahindra Susten

Join us on September 23, 11am India Standard Time and 3.30pm Canberra ACT, Australia for a Joint Webinar with Mahindra Susten on how to leverage ENACT’s Platform for Solar plus Energy Storage, focusing on Commercial Projects. Sign up today to…
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Published on : 04/09/2020

Webinar: How Black & Veatch Is Leveraging Enact Systems

Commercial and industrial rooftop solar PV projects are expanding rapidly in Southeast Asia. Trillions of dollars of new assets are expected to be deployed in the next decade, driven by attractive cost savings, access to…
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Webinar CED Greentech and Enact Systems
Published on : 26/06/2020

Solar Platform Webinar: CED Greentech and Enact Systems

Join CED Greentech SouthWest and ENACT on July 16, 11 am Pacific / 2 pm EDT to discuss how digital platforms are crucial in today’s post-COVID world, for solar project sales and execution. CED Greentech Southwest…
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Image of Webinar with Collective Sun and Enact Systems
Published on : 17/06/2020

Solar Energy Webinar: Solar Project Design and Financing

Join CollectiveSun and ENACT on June 24, 11 am Pacific / 2 pm EDT to discuss solar project financing and design for Non-Profits and Tax-exempt Organizations. COLLECTIVESUN, a leader on solar financing focused exclusively on…
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