Published On: 10/12/2021

Fundación Borincana Partners with Enact Systems Inc

October 12, 2021 – Pleasanton, CA – Fundación Borincana is a nonprofit located in Puerto Rico that focuses on individual, institutional, and structural development. By focusing on engaging in economic and community development of energy infrastructure, Fundación Borincana plans to build critical capacities in Puerto Rico that proactively develop a modern, resilient, distributed energy infrastructure.

Fundación Borincana has partnered with ENACT Systems, a leading cloud platform for the Solar and Energy storage industry, to launch a government-funded vocational program to educate the next generation of solar professionals. With this program, students will learn how to interact with ENACT System’s ENVISION software to design custom solar systems using satellite technology, build solar proposals, and manage system assets.

Fundación Borincana’s mission and training courses, combined with ENACT Systems ENVISION platform, is impacting the Clean Energy sector in unprecedent ways. This partnership aims to creating the much-needed contemporary, resilient, distributed grid and energy infrastructure of the future. This partnership is truly transforming productivity and customer engagement for the renewable energy sector, leveraging the power of software and data collection, ultimately paving the way for Puerto Rico’s sustainable future and reliability on clean energy.

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