Grow Your Solar
and Storage

Growing your solar and storage business can be a challenge, but you can make a significant impact with our all-in-one cloud software platform for design, sales, project and asset management.


Close deals faster and manage
solar projects more effectively.

Track and manage leads

Save hours of time and never lose a lead again. Integrate all lead sources to one live project dashboard, that is also accessible by your entire solar panel installer sales and operations team.

Manage contracts in one location

Stop losing track of all your contracts, documents and site photos. Generate templates with electronic signatures, eliminate errors, speed up change orders.

Manage and monitor projects solar projects

Keep your team well-informed and organized. Assign tasks, generate email reminders, and report progress with our customized workflow for residencial solar installers.


Design better energy solutions

Eliminate hassle of a site visit. Check shading and view your site in 3D completely remote by using satellite imaging as large solar installation companies do.

With our solar software, installers can generate designs for solar systems. This includes the number of solar panels, inverter size and the type of mounting system that is required.

Our software would take into account the energy needs of the client, the available space for the solar system and any other relevant factors. Enact makes the entire process as simple as possible.

Analyze solar shading in 3D

Develop complete roof models in 3D, and visualize quickly. Identify trees, keep-outs & obstructions causing shade and develop solar heat maps for solar panel installation at every point of the roof, along with 12 month shading values in minutes.

Generate custom solar sales proposals

Our solar proposals include all of the relevant information, such as the estimated energy production, financial analysis and system design.

Our platform makes it easy for your team and client to understand the benefits of your solar system design. Enact speeds up the sales process by arming your sales team with proposals that can be signed immediately.

Now you can close sales faster than ever before.

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