Enact Preferred Installer Partner Program

Are you ready to grow your solar business?

ENACT SYSTEMS Preferred Installation Partner Program allows select solar and energy storage installers using the ENACT platform, to enter into a strategic partnership with the ENACT team. ENACT’s Preferred Installer Partners (PIP) can deliver and install solar and energy storage systems for ENACT’s customers and co-market on its digital marketing platform. ENACT also offers PIP’s a co-branded version of the exclusive ENACT End-Customer App, creating significant value for sales and installation teams, and their end-customers.

To learn more about our global success, take a look at our affirming case studies from our Preferred Installer Partners directly. Take advantage of this unique and strategic partnership and start growing your solar business today.

“We are going on 3 years of working together and it has been absolutely phenomenal. Couldn’t have asked for a better partnership. The ENACT platform is truly an all-in-one solution on many levels installer and business wise, as well as for the end-user.”

Rick, 2021

“The ENACT platform did a great job at predicting what we confirmed in the field. Everything we would done on our own like interval data and utility analysis, the ENACT platform took care of. This helped streamline the process, delivering a great project”

Spencer, 2020

“This is our first project together and so far, so good. ENACT is bringing me new people that we wouldn’t be in contact with before. If ENACT becomes a primary resource, that’s fine by me!”

George, 2021

“With this new launch, ENACT has taken their platform to a whole new level. It’s a real game-changer for growing solar companies.”

Solarpark USA, California

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