Published On: 07/29/2019

Tata Solar partners with ENACT SYSTEMS for its Dealers across India market

Tata Power Solar, India largest vertically integrated Solar Manufacturer and Developer
has partnered with ENACT to offer the Software Platform to its rooftop solar dealers in
India. The platform allows rapid Solar project design, custom proposals and complete
project management for users focusing on commercial projects. India is one of the
fastest growing rooftop solar markets now in the World, expected to cross 100GW by
2022, with 40GW rooftop share. Tata Power Solar launched ~30 years ago in India, now
wholly-owned by the Tata Group, and is India’s largest rooftop solar EPC for five years in
a row.

Published on : 19/01/2023

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Receives Series
Published on : 16/11/2022

Enact Systems Receives Series A Financing to Accelerate Growth

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