Published On: 07/29/2019

Trina Solar launches US Commercial Platform in partnership with ENACT SYSTEMS

Trina Solar C&I Solutions (USA) partnered with ENACT to offer a Custom Software
Platform to its Commercial Installer partners across the USA as part of a special
program. The platform allows rapid Solar project design, custom proposals and complete
project management for users. Trina Solar has delivered over 40GW of Solar Modules
across the world as of 2018, while its downstream project business delivered over 2GW
of projects globally.

Published on : 19/01/2023

Best Practices for Solar Financing

As the U.S. transitions toward a greener economy, many households and businesses have considered or will consider going solar. There are many advantages — to both one's wallet and the planet — of installing a…
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Receives Series
Published on : 16/11/2022

Enact Systems Receives Series A Financing to Accelerate Growth

Enact has recently received a Series A financing of $11.5 million from Energy Growth Momentum. It is a growth capital fund promoting digital technologies related to the energy sector. Other investors involved were NB Ventures,…
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Published on : 13/11/2022

Is Solar a Scam?

Here are two ways you can put into action today to confirm that your solar investment has not been a scam and you are getting exactly what you were promised.
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Published on : 24/08/2022

4 Tips on How to Make Winning Solar Proposals

Bloomberg predicts sustained solar power growth in the next three decades. It is understandable since solar energy is one of the most cost-effective solutions for combating climate change and lowering energy costs for residential and…
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