Digital Platform to Manage Solar and Energy Storage Projects

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Customer Relationship

Proposals,Contracts and
document management

Business process and
workflow management

Solar Design & Engineering

ENACT systems give you power to analyze any site, residential or commercial, remotely. We use remote visual solar design & drone imaging systems to help you cut down on the inspection time for your project. This helps you come up with faster proposals reducing sales cycles, overall time-to-installation & inspection costs. The ENACT platform is capable of:

Developing Detailed Cost Analysis for entire project, including hardware BOM

Developing Final Contract Documents

Designing systems on roof, ground and structures

Developing Permit Engineering Documents

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Feasibility Analysis

Is solar the right choice for you? Loaded with just your location and electricity bill, ENACT systems can help you analyze if solar makes sense for you. ENACT systems helps you in:

Design & Size Optimization

Utility Bill, rate analysis, pre and post solar

Detailed Solar Generation Estimates

Savings analysis against bill offsets

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Installation Management

With ENACT, it becomes easy for solar solution providers to manage the installation process for the projects. You can manage third-party vendors, your own team’s workflow and project progress all within a few clicks. ENACT enables you to:

Monitor project installation milestones through Workflow System

Manage sub-contractor bid process and activity

Configure actions, mandatory documents and checklist for your team

Configure multiple workflows and schedule tasks

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Finance Management

ENACT helps you manage end-to-end finances for your solar project. Whether you are calculating Investment vs ROI before installation or looking to arrive at tax benefits post-installation, ENACT helps you do all. With multiple financing options, getting your solar project started had never been easier. With ENACT, it is very easy to:

Evaluate Project IRR and Payback

Calculate incentives, rebates & depreciation benefits for tax saving

Analyze cash-flow models for multiple fund providers in real-time

Compare multiple Financing options like PPA, Lease, Loan etc.

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Solar Asset Management

ENACT takes away the hassle of managing installation progress, documents, system performance, and reporting for multiple projects. Our solar asset management software also allows you to get a consolidated portfolio view of your projects and the associated parameters; before, during and after the installation. ENACT helps you to:

Track all your solar assets from one place

Measure savings in dollars and kWh

Compare the proposed vs actual generation

Quick and easy access to information on every project

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Thinking of setting up a new

Solar Division ?

Enact Difference
  • Shortens the solar learning curve for your team, and downstream organizations
  • Allows rapid build up of customer offerings, channel programs and partnerships, including fund offers.
  • Enables a rapidly scalable services model, with lower investment

Looking for

Solar Implementation ?

Enact Difference
  • Compares solar proposals from multiple vendors and applies expertise to select the best
  • Provides quick and accurate designs suitable for your building structure
  • Demonstrates accurate savings against financing options for easy calculation of project ROI

If you are a

Solar Developer ?

Enact Difference
  • Allows for increased sales and improved customer engagement
  • Helps track multiple project documentation with ease
  • Enables easy workflow management both for your team and third-party vendors


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